Along the Hedgerows

Tuesday, January 4, 2011
I have been promising my daughter that I would take her for a walk one of these days. Just down to the red barn and back - that's all she wanted. But with one thing and another I haven't been able to get out. The wind has been one of those excuses - it has been intolerable of late.

But today was one of those lovely summer days. Warm, but shady with a good deal of cloud cover. It even threatened rain, so after breakfast we bundled Alice into the buggy and off we set. Here are quite a few photos from our walk out of our lane and down past the hedges, calling in on some neighbours as we went past.

A Hare that got away . . .  isn't he a Grandaddy of a Hare!

Is anyone familiar with that delightful children's movie, Napoleon? We know it well in our household. But I'm afraid I did laugh out loud (without meaning to), when Teddy saw this neighbourly dog (though it was barking) and called out, "Is it a wild dog?"

And I made sure there were no people passing when that same little boy declared he was busting. It's a good thing that there are tall hedges for this kind of business! And do I need to add that I think boys have it much easier than girls!

Here is a creek struggling to stay a creek in the hot weather. It is normally full and flowing and full of living things like fresh-water mussels, and eels. I hope they are surviving.

Some neighbours that we know well were out in their garden. We could hear their lamb bleating as we walked down towards their place, so they called us in for a 'cuddle with Daphne the lamb.'

Of course, I had to take a photo of their gorgeous rooster, Roger. Apparently, he is only at half his height!

There are such lovely things to look out when you go walking along the hedgerows.

And all the pretty little weedy flowers. It's such a shame that they are weeds.

I do believe this is Evening Primrose . . .

And there's plenty of clover around . . .

  . . . which of course means plenty of these dear little bumble bees . . .

And we spotted this pretty little bird high up in the hedge.

And I bet these well-fed cows are grateful for a cooler day.

Time to wander home. I love this gap in the hedge where we can see our neighbourhood and our house.

I hope you've enjoyed this little meander along our hedgerow, too?


Cate said...

You live in such a lovely area Rachel - and you are soooo quick off the mark with my Project 2011 concept (inspired largely by your comment I should add).

Will add you to the blog list straight away :-)

Little Kiwi Chick said...

Alrighty, that's it.

I'm moving to your neighbourhood.

Nice neighbours, beautiful countryside, animals and wildflowers. Who could ask for anything more?

Is that blue flower a 'corn flower' in one of your photos? That's what I call them, but I'm not sure. They grow wild over here, too... I love them!!! I would plant them in my garden, I don't consider them to be 'weeds' either!

By the way, thanks so much for your lovely feedback on my Felt shop, Rachel! Will leave some for you as well!
Jennifer x

~Rebekah~ said...

I always love coming in here. The pictures are so lovely and I find myself basking in excitement as I see all the animals and such beautiful scenery.

Thank you for sharing it with the world.

I also wanted to mention I LOVE your header. It's gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I'm just catching up on your posts and hope you enjoy a fab holiday in Auckland (and feel great with your new haircut x). My hubbie and I keep thinking about a move to somewhere more rural and your photos really tempt me!

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