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Sunday, January 2, 2011
This weekend I have finished my year-long project. A couple of hours ago I sewed on the last border, and now all it wants is the backing and binding. I have enjoyed doing it, but I'm kinda glad it's finished. Tonight I'm going to work on a hand embroidered label for the back. I'll post photos when it is done, which will probably be in a few weeks. Binding takes time to sew on! But here is the quilt top finished!

Here's a close-up.

After the nor-west wind decided to blow itself somewhere else, we spent a pleasant few hours in the garden this afternoon. Cricket, our dog, got a good wash with the cold hose - on a hot afternoon, he loved it.

He also loved snooping around the chicken run. No free dinner for you, Cricket!

I was very happy to find that there is some progress in the pea garden. Don't these look pretty?

For some reason I love photographing water. It comes out different every time. The sprinkler was on the beans today . . .

I love my bean teepee's.

The children just enjoyed being outside after a stuffy day in the house, because it was too windy to go out.


Cate said...

Wow! Congratulations on sticking out that quilt! It looks wonderful.

I'm ready to try my hand at another basic sewing project - any suggestions master?? ;-)

Clara said...

The quilt is beautiful! You've done such a wonderful job on it!!
I also like the garden pictures. What are the flowers in the last photo?? They're beautiful! (You have a gorgeous view from your house too - I would love to see mountains like that from my house!!)

Sandy Addison said...

Well done Rach what a fantastic result well worth the perserverence. I also Love your outdoor shots your little property is certainly coming along

Cottage Tails said...

Oh Rachel it is beautiful - I wish now I had taken on the project when I began dithering - you are soo good at getting it finished too!

Soo what is next?

Enjoyed your other photos too

Love Leanne

Farm Girl said...

Hi Rachel - your quilt is stunning! Cognratulations on getting it finished. I saw Leannes original in June in Chch and yours is one of the first I've seen finished in blogland. I love your photos, the water ones are so clever.
Nicky, from down South.

Rachel said...

Hi Nicky,
I was at Leanne's workshop too (on the Sunday)! Thanks for your comment.
Clara - the flowers are Hollyhocks. One of my favourite old-fashioned flowers.

Julze said...

Wow...that quilt is beautiful! Well done on get it finished!

Heather L. said...

Your quilt came out absolutely gorgeous!!!

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