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Saturday, November 27, 2010
We do love Saturdays, and this week we were able to purchase an outdoor umbrella.

It has been a lovely, relaxing start to the weekend this morning when we dined outside under the shade of our umbrella as the early morning sun warmed our backs and made our eyes squint. It's so nice to sit leisurely out there with coffee, banana on toast and a magazine to read.

It has not been a very good week for me - it has been exceptionally busy. And to add to it all, I had an order through my felt shop for 5 pillows - which is wonderful as it brings in a bit extra, but it's a lot of extra work at this time of the year, but I am grateful for the order. The car battery died again this week (thank you to the children who left the car doors open), the hens got out into the vegetable garden, and the night beetle (grass grub) has eaten all the leaves off my nectarine and cherry trees, and now is starting on the apple and blackcurrents. Grrrr! But I've also done something to my neck. Last weekend I actually slipped over on a wet floor at PacnSave (it was raining outside), right in front of a horde of people buying their lotto tickets for the weekend, and I've pulled the muscles in the right side of my neck rather badly (Darn it, if it was America I could have sued them)! But I'm way too busy and tied down to four children to go to physio for it.

 But the bright side of a bad week is a sunny Saturday morning, eating breakfast outside under the umbrella, husband home, two empty days ahead, and my eldest son is playing tennis this morning which is rather thrilling for him, because he was asked to play by the team who is a grade above him. The under 12s. So he's quite excited to be up with the big boys. Go Hugh!

Meredith and I are going to have some Christmas planning time this weekend. Talk about decorations and turkeys and cookies and presents. Lovely!

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Cate said...

Oh dear - hope that the neck gets better ASAP, and relate to the busy, busy, busy feeling!

Enjoy your umbrella :-)

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