A Handmade Silk Purse

Friday, October 8, 2010
A good friend of mine is soon to have a significant birthday. In wanting to get her something special, I just didn't want to go out and buy something from a shop somewhere without much thought going into it. She likes feminine, but with a sophisticated air, and has expensive taste.

Because I've been enjoying stitchery alot lately, and because the possibilities for design are almost endless with that, I thought to incorporate some of that into the gift. And I wanted to use the best possible materials. What springs to mind when you think of the best fabric available? Why silk. Of course. What else?

So this is what I have made my friend. On the back I have stitched her initials and the year, along with a few tiny daffodils. In a few weeks she will own it - I think it would be best as a makeup purse - easily slipped into a handbag. I'm rather pleased with the result. I hope she will like it too.

The free pattern and tutorial for the purse comes from one of my favourite bloggers, Flossie Teacakes. The stitchery layout is my own, using Leanne Beasley's designs.

.I made the lining using a cotton print.

* If any of my New Zealand or Australian readers are going to make the purse, I would recommend using a 6 inch zip, instead of the 8 inch that Florence lists on her tutorial. I had to take my first zip out as it was too long for the measurements of the purse, and the corners wouldn't turn properly. Perhaps the UK zips are made longer?


Little Kiwi Chick said...

Oh wow, that is absolutely gorgeous - I'm sure your friend will love it! Your embroidery is superb - well done!

Leanne said...

that beautiful!

i your friend too aye - grin!

Clara said...

It's gorgeous! Love it, Rachel - and your embroidery shows great talent! Your work is just beautiful! Do you enjoy making accessories like this? While I enjoy making clothes and such, I especially love making accessories; they are really fun! :) I wish I could do embroidery...

momentsofwhimsy said...

Gorgeous Rachel!

Cadi said...

Oh, it's beautiful!

Sandy Addison said...

Well done Rach it is absolutely beautiful.

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