Venturing Outside The Gate

Thursday, September 16, 2010
It has been nearly 2 weeks since the Big E. And it has been nearly 2 weeks since I ventured into the city. I just really would rather not. That's all.

But today I had to, and my husband also invited me to meet him in a city cafe for a coffee. It's not often I get to do that without four kids in tow. But I told him I wasn't going to walk up the two flights of stairs to visit his colleagues in the office. No way. Especially not after he told me that the floor now creaks when someone walks over it.

But guess what?
I did. I swallowed my fear - sort of.
And there wasn't an earthquake, and I enjoyed chatting to some of Robin's colleagues in the office.
Hi Stephanie!

But I did take my camera with me, and I tried not to look like a 'rubber-necker' or an earthquake tourist.

Poor Christchurch. Poor battered Christchurch. That is what was going through my mind.

The Oxford Street Baptist Church. Across the corner from where Robin works. We've been here for a wedding. And look at the date on the facade. My ancestors probably went here for weddings too.

It looks like they're trying to do some work on it already.

And here is the Repertory Theatre. I'm particularly sad about this. I don't know how many times I've been in this building to do ballet rehearsals and performances with Meredith. It's such a beautiful theatre and quaint and old fashioned with its red vinyl seats and pink-painted ornate plaster 'boxes' inside. I think they're going to restore it though, which is happy news. See that second story? That's where we applied makeup, changed into costumes and did Angelina Ballerina colouring in while the little girls waited for their stage entrance.

It's a bit chaotic on the roads in the city - lots of diversions and areas cordoned off that are off limits. Also, I lost count on how many tradesmen vans I spotted. Business is booming for the tradesmen, I can tell you that! Lots of scaffolding.

Lots of houses with the chimneys missing.

I liked this sign.

This is for my American friends - it's right in the city - can you guess what it is?

All the way from New York - a memorial of the Twin Towers and the September 11 tragedy.

I also liked this. Blossom in the City.


I also really liked coming home again.


frangipani said...

Thanks for sharing those photos. Like you I haven't felt like going too far from home yet so I haven't seen much of the damage with my own eyes. Each day I feel like I am managing to have longer periods of time without thinking about the 'e'word. The aftershocks certainly make the healing process slow though don't they?

Sandy Addison said...

Wow good on you for conquering your fear. I do wonder what will rise out of the ashes (or so to speak) but I am sure it will be a stronger and tighter community

Heather L. said...

Because I don't watch the news, I wasn't aware of how much damage Christchurch received! wow, I'm so glad that your house wasn't hit too badly. That is too bad to see the damaged church and other buildings.

the chicken picture is hilarious!!

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