The Milo Has Disappeared

Monday, August 9, 2010
When I came down to the kitchen this morning in the dark, I saw two little people in their nightgowns flitting back and forward in the pantry.

My two middle children like to come down and make themselves a Milo when they get up in the morning. Turns out the milo has disappeared. I usually suspect Alice who seems to have a voracious appetite for chocolate. When the milo has disappeared in the past I usually find her tucked away in a corner licking the milo tin, or pushing her little chubby fingers into the open milo packet and then into her mouth. There's usually a big mess around her as a result.

However, I know this time that she is not the milo thief. I had a baby-lock put on the Milo drawer last week.

I think it's my fault the Milo has gone - I forgot to pick some up at the grocery store.

But all is not lost!
(Feeling like Ma Ingalls), I told them that it was ok - I can make Cocoa.
"What is Cocoa?" they asked me.
"It's like Milo, only yummier and it's made the old-fashioned way. In a pot."

They were all big eyes as I pulled out my old Hershey's Cookbook (bought in the USA), which I haven't used for years, and when I do, it's to make some elaborate birthday cake. But I have made the cocoa before. It's quite sweet, but I cut down on the sugar (I do find American recipes rather heavy on the sugar - so I usually add much less than suggested).

The verdict: "It's delicious"!!!
The great thing is that I don't have to dash out today in the freezing cold to buy Milo. I just pour a little of this concentrate cocoa into the bottom of the cup, add hot water and a dash of milk at the end.

Here's the recipe.

Hot Cocoa - made the old-fashioned way.

3 TBSP Sugar ( I only used 2 TBSP)
2 TBSP Cocoa
Dash of Salt
3/4 cup Water
1 cup Milk

In a medium saucepan, combine sugar, cocoa and salt; stir in the water and blend until the lumps are gone.
Cook over a low heat, stirring constantly until mixture boils. Boil and stir for 2 minutes. Add milk and keep over low heat a few more seconds. Do not boil. Remove from heat. Store in a cute little red gingham jug in the fridge and use as needed.


Cadi said...

We often make ours with no sugar at all & add a sprinkle of cinnamon. Very yummy.

bettyl said...

Flitting is usually a sign of mischief but it worked out nicely for you.
I guess the sweetness is a matter of taste, as I'm used to the American recipes. But, it's no different than me finding sugar in tomato sauces here very disturbing!
Glad you didn't have to go out in the yucky weather!

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