Red Sky In The Morning

Monday, June 21, 2010
In America they say,
Red Sky in the Morning, Sailor's Warning.

In New Zealand we say,
Red sky in the morning, Shepherd's Warning.

In my house, someone says,
Red sky in the morning, Meredith's Warning.

I sometimes wonder if she thinks the world revolves around her.

But as I write, the rain is falling.


Widge said...

wow great shot!! as I opened the curtains this morning I thought of the same rhyme :)It was such a beautiful sight though.....not so much now ;)

call*me*kate said...

Ours ends with "Red sky at night, sailor's delight."

Does your saying end the same way? (Replacing sailor with shepherd, of course.)

I guess it makes more sense, more shepherds in NZ than in the U.S. Although I'd rather picture a shepherd and his sheep, watching a beautiful crimson sunset. Much more picturesque than a sailor!

Have a lovely week!
- Kate

Rachel said...

Hi Kate,
Yes, it does end exactly like that! I wonder why the US uses 'sailor'. Seems like cowboy might suit better. :o)

Clara said...

awesome picture!! Only a Creator God could create something so incredible!

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