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Friday, June 11, 2010
I am not a buyer of the women's magazines generally, unless I'm desperate (and I mean desperate) for reading material. But this week we had to buy one, and it had to be, without question, the New Idea.

Our niece (the daughter of my husband's younger brother) , and the cousin of my children, Camilla Lees is featured on page 18 - right in between the Hoff and Justin Bieber!
She's the newest girl on the national netball team of the Silver Ferns.

As family members we're not supposed to make a fuss, but I think it's worth making a fuss about! It's to be celebrated, and we're very proud of it.
My husband's family do happen to have their fair share of high-achiever's among them, but a rising sports star in New Zealand is just peachy. And as a doctor-in-training, she's got a heap of brains too.
And my kids are thrilled, especially Meredith who started netball this year. And Millie, being the splendid, thoughtful girl that she is, sent her a signed poster of her provincial team, the Pulse (Wellington) which Meredith is overjoyed with.  Does it say something about Meredith's personality that the first thing she noticed was that she and Millie wear similar shoes?

So, if you get a chance to see a Silver Ferns game this year, look out for Millie. I know that we'll be trying to go along to at least one of the games.


Cadi said...

That's awesome!

Clara said...

Isn't it fun to have a celebrity in the family? :) We have one too! :)

Heather L. said...

How exciting!!! I finally remembered that netball is basketball here (right?).

vegemitevix said...

Fantastic! That's such good news. You have every reason to shout it out! x

call*me*kate said...

That is SO cool! Until I read Heather L.'s comment, I was thinking netball was like badminton (that's stupid American thinking, right?)

Anyway, good for "Millie" - I hope things go well for her on the team. Go ahead and celebrate!

Oh, I loved the plane/mountain photos! The mountains are so beautiful! I'm so glad you enjoyed your holiday!

Enjoy your weekend!

Cate said...

Congratulations - that is very cool :-)

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