It Is Not As It Seems

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
When we were in Queenstown (let me add here again that the weather was stunning. The. Entire. Week), our resort was situated on a hill overlooking the Frankton end of the lake, which is also the flight path for planes coming in and out of Queenstown.

We all loved watching the flights come in, partly because the planes were on a level with our apartment, and if we had binocular eyes, we would have been able to look right into those little plane windows, even the little private jet we spotted one day.

And because I was given a super, wonderful, love-it-to-death camera for Christmas, which also came with a telescopic lens I could get these following shots. But it wasn't until I uploaded them to the computer that we realised exactly what it looked like, and were stunned.

It looks like the planes are about to crash into the mountain, but there really is an airport just below and the mountain is further away than it looks. Still, we loved the effect of the photo, and just had to share!


bettyl said...

That's some view! I hope you get to take a jillion photos with your new camera!

Clara said...

wow, those are incredible photos!!! great photography!! :)

Amber said...

I would love a camera like yours! That's so clear.

Cadi said...

Woahhhh. What a view. Awesome.

Cate said...

Love Queenstown, and your posts have reminded me of that!

Great plane pic too :-)

Widge said...

oh I love Queenstown! One of my favourite places.
Just found your blog from Little kiwi chick. So cool to find another blog with local pics!! I'm from North Canterbury and have 4 kiddies too :)

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