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Friday, May 21, 2010
Oh Boy! Oh boy! My blog has been very happy these last few days with so many visits from so many people and such nice comments. Thank you all so much for your lovely, complimentary comments on the little shoes. From a blog which usually only gets a handful of comments I have relished all this socialisation, and have read every single comment. I truly wish I had a pair to give each one of you. In fact, it's rather heart-wrenching just to choose one. But as there is only one pair of shoes, the deed has been done.

As good counting practice, I had the children write out each number from 341 and we cut them all up and put the numbers into a bowl. I was going to use the Random Number Generator, but somehow it seemed so impersonal and kinda took the fun out of it, so we wrote the numbers out. Then we shut our eyes and picked one out.

And the lucky number is . . .

The Matteson Family from Rhode Island, USA. Congratulations! I will email you soon!

This was so much fun, that I have been tossing up doing a second pair, just for the fun of dipping in the bowl and looking up the winner. I just might do it and will announce the second winner on Sunday. So you all get a second chance.

A big thank you to Sew, Mama, Sew for hosting such a great event. This was my first time entering and I have loved it - especially finding so many wonderful new blogs. I'll definitely be doing it again next year.


Clara said...

WOW!! So many comments on your give-away!! I usually get only a handful of comments on my posts too - occasionally more. Not sure why - I comment on enough other blogs, but I guess those people don't go read my blog... or maybe my posts are boring!!! :P
Love the shoes - very cute! :)
(I'll try to comment more often, I know how fun comments are!)

T.J. said...

Wow, congratulations to the lucky winner! I'm so excited to hear that you might be doing another giveaway! I'll check back on Sunday to see if I'm luck winner No. 2...

Beetle said...

Congratulations to the Matteson Family! And thank you again to the wonderful giveaway hostess! Such a wonderful display of generostity and talent!

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