Will We Make It Through? - Traversing the Great Divide

Friday, May 28, 2010
If I don't blog tomorrow, you'll know that we either are stranded somewhere between Dunedin and Queenstown, stuck in snow, washed out by floods, or that the internet connection at our resort is really, really bad.

We are leaving today for our annual winter holiday in Queenstown, but with the wild weather this week, we have already been forced to abandon the 6 hour car journey route through the Lindis Pass. It's closed except for chains - which we don't have, and we don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle, either.

So, we thought we'd drive down the coast and turn in at Palmerston and up through Ranfurly - a 7 hour drive, only that is closed too - because of snow.

So now we are going to drive to Dunedin - the place where my three eldest were born - and drive up through Ranfurly and Alexandra (our old home) where we haven't been for nearly 6 years. And that will be an 8 hour drive. And we hope there won't be diversions at Oamaru because of the recent floods - they're supposed to be receding.

So if you think of us today, pray for us. I hope we make it to Queenstown tonight and then I will embrace the snow. I will revel in it as we lay back in the hot, bubbling spa which is situated on our apartment deck, overlooking the Remarkables and the pretty lights of Queenstown.


Cate said...

Take care on the roads - will be thinking of you. Mind you, my thinking may be tinged with a whole lot of envy at the thought of a holiday in Queenstown!!

Clara said...

Wow - praying you have a safe trip and an enjoyable, relaxing break! :)

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