Postman Pat is my Hero

Saturday, May 29, 2010
Well, we made it through to Queenstown yesterday. We took the long way round because of the snow.
All I can say is thank the Lord for Postman Pat audio books, M & M’s and Burger Rings.
Robin and I now know the song to Postman Pat by heart. And guess what.... you can learn it too!
And get that nice, happy, sunshiny feel that we had as we drove through the rain for 8 hours yesterday, trying to keep 4 children entertained.

"Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black and white cat.
Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, Pat picks up the postbags in his van.
Everybody knows his bright, red van. All his friends will smile as they wave to greet him.
Maybe; you can never be sure, there'll be a knock, ring, letters through the door.
Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black and white cat.
All the birds are singing, the day is just beginning. Pat feels he's a really happy man."

It was raining Christchurch when we left, and it didn’t stop until we reached Central Otago. Coming up over the hill into Dunedin was scary. There was a thick sea fog covering the hill, torrential rain, and trucks driving at breakneck speed.  The countryside is very waterlogged - we had a diversion at Oamaru, and on the other side of Dunedin, the Taieri River had flooded paddocks - we had fun trying to find the tops of the fences in the middle of what looked like many, many lakes.

We’re in our nice, warm apartment at the Queenstown resort with the fire roaring, the underfloor heating cranked up and all the oil heaters burning. We’ve already had a spa in the freezing, icy outdoors. It’s pouring with rain this morning, and we’re wondering why it isn’t snowing.
We want snow Queenstown!

This is all we can see of the Remarkables this morning.


Clara said...

I loved the Postman Pat books when I was a cat - never learned the song though! :P Enjoy your holiday!! :)

call*me*kate said...

What a lovely photo - I'm glad you made it safely to your resort. Have a terrific time!

I had to laugh at your rain post - besides the underwear as headgear - but here on the coast of Oregon, it rains a great deal. Today was no exception. Rain makes us long for sun! I wonder if we'd enjoy it more if we wore underwear on our heads?!

Leanne said...

oh my you are brave travelling in such weather but the break sounds soo worth it.
Hope you get some snow.
Keep warm

Love Leanne

Cate said...

Glad that you got through safely. The hubby was down in Dunedin for work on Friday and said that the conditions were atrocious.

Looking forward to seeing some snow pics ;-)

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