Friendly Pirates!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
One fine morning, a fine old sea-faring girl, with a fine old engine and bearing the fine name of the Mistral came motoring into the bay, and put down her anchor.

We watched from the deck and listened as my husband and his brother reminisced about childhood summer holidays on the boat around the Hauraki Gulf with their father and mother and brothers and sister.

We watched as our son got in the kayak and paddled out to the boat, intending to get a closer look.

Then, to our surprise we suddenly see him, and the kayak being lifted up into the boat. The engine roared, and the boat took off accross the harbour to the island on the other side! With our son on board.

Luckily, we knew the captain was a friendly pirate. A cousin - to be precise. They're all cousins around here where we are holidaying, and the children are having a wonderful time with their extended family.

Eventually, the Mistral came back, put out her anchor again and rested in the bay.
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