The Face of a Kiwi Childhood

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
I love my country. I love that this land has given me the memories of a happy childhood. I love that the history of my children's childhood will also be linked with mine in this same way.

We recently took a little holiday to one of my favourite parts of New Zealand. The Marlborough Sounds. Perfectly beautiful quiet bays and coves with the sea lapping gently on the stony, shelly beaches. Hills covered in green native bush and trees with holiday homes dotted sparingly over the landscape, often perched precariously on the sides of the hills. The hum of distant boats, and the scent of sea and wind and native bush. Oh the glorious smells of the Marlborough Sounds.

While relaxing on the beach one afternoon while I watched the children play and trying to read a very good book, but more often finding my eyes drawing up from the page to the hard-to-ignore view in front of me, I took this picture of my daughter playing on the rocks. I think it epitomises a kiwi childhood. Fun, outdoors, happiness - the innocence and wonderment of a carefree childhood. Lucky girl.

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Heather L. said...

I'm so excited about your new blog!!!! And, the best part is I can get it to feed to my google reader so I'll always know when you update!!! hope you are enjoying your christmas holidays.

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