God's Not Bringing Judgement Because Of The Gays

Sunday, June 28, 2015
I love my friends who are gay.
I have a few and they are precious to me.
I love them very much.
Sometimes I feel quite protective towards them,
because the world can be an unkind place
and people can be cruel.

Like today.

When so many christians are wailing that God is going to bring judgement on our fat and prosperous lands because America caught up with the rest of the world and sanctioned same-sex marriage by law.

Why do you, oh christian church, think that God will now judge your nation because of same-sex marriage, when some of your ministers have been hiding their secret sins behind closed doors while proclaiming His Holy Name?
When they stand up in that church and they tell you to live 'moral and upright' lives, and yet they abuse and mislead God's children?

Is God not already shouting from the roof tops these hidden evils? Have those iniquitous doers of evil not been dropping like flies, one after the other, in such a public and shameful way, while all the world look on.

Don't you think this angers God more than gay marriage becoming legal?
The hypocrisy? The self-righteousness?

And yet you cry out in your pride and spiritual superiority, that God is not happy because of the gays.

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How far have we strayed from Jesus when we allowed prosperity and pride to be our gospel.
How far have we wandered from His sacrificial love with our moral code and our indulgent communities of self-importance, our pride in our 'good' lives, as we waste them, tending the pretty facades that hide dark and murky hearts of evil.

It's easy to be a christian in our western world of comfort.

God's not bringing judgement because of the gays. 

God's bringing judgement because of the christians.

Judgement begins in the House of God. God said that you know. Christians who proclaim His name the loudest while doing evil acts behind closed doors. Christians who are proud of their 'holy' living, their tidy and respectable facades, their western rules and their judgements of others who don't act the same.

It's easy to be a christian when this is all you have.

Don't you think this angers God more than gay marriage?
The hypocrisy? The self-righteousness. In His Name?

"Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

There should be silence all over the world because of that verse.

What does God ask of His children?

That we lay down our life for our friends. 
That we love others as we love ourselves.

Pretty simple really.

And I ask my friends who are gay.
Please don't judge me because of the hurtful things other christians are saying.
And when the world is unkind to me, please love me.
And when people hate me because of my faith, please protect me.

Because the world can be an unkind place,
and people can be cruel.

photo credit: Cross 1 via photopin (license)


bettyl-NZ said...


kimochigirl said...

So good, Rach. Thank you!!

Simoney said...

This is awesome - and spot on. I was tossing and turning last night thinking of how I would write a post very similar! Makes me so upset that too many Christians get caught up in condemning others when we should be focusing on fixing our own issues. Take the log out of our own eye, so to speak? I'm sure someone pretty famous said we should do that first, before we think of judging others, aye? Oh wait, it was JESUS.

Rachel Lees said...

Yes! Simoney, exactly. Well said.

Amy at love made my home said...

My god loves everyone, whoever they are! I don't understand what else there is to say and why anyone would think that being gay is a problem! Better to be gay and happy and in love than straight and miserable right? xx

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