The Long Summer Days of Gentle Breathing and Mirth

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
We are at the height of our summer. Long, lazy days of sunshine and sea and rest.

This has been a particularly busy year for us. The year began with the crazy that was writing a memoir for Recovering Grace, which set in motion at least 6 months of adrenaline-filled days. We have moved house, navigated 4 children at school, been overseas and unknown to me at the time, Rob's job was under threat due to restructuring. Thankful to God for providing a new job locally, and in time, before we became desperate. But these all have taken a toll, and when we arrived at our summer holiday place, we felt exhausted.

But there is nothing like sea air for clearing away all the troubles. Making us go into the new year with renewed minds and bodies. We are resting here. Enjoying family time and sun and sea and close friends. We are grateful for all these many good things.

Because we share this place with other family members, the first half of our holiday is in the Caretaker's Cottage. A small, old, 2-bedroom cottage. Six of us squeeze in here! But it's ok. Most of our days are spent on the beach or in the garden.

Grateful for quiet places of rest.

For long days on the beach.

For quaint, old-fashioned things.

A small mirror made from seashells and paua.

For sunlight.

For my old dog who keeps us company and sleeps the day away.

For children laughing

and sandcastle building.

Being able to spend the whole entire day in a bathing suit.

and eat cold ham and fresh salads.

For restful days for tired children

For windows that open wide.

to wear my New Caledonia sarong in the kitchen.

For sitting outdoors.

and hanging washing next to the Banana tree.

Meeting family dogs on the beach under the Pohutukawa.

For this old house and all the days it has weathered.

A plentiful garden of promise.

and time to sit and watch little ships sail past.


Lisa said...

your bach looks amazing! Have a great new years x

A Little Blue Dragonfly said...

Just beautiful! Wishing you rest and peace in this new year, Friend! *hugs* :)

mommyF said...

HI Rachel Just letting you know that I love your blog! So much so that I actually spent the last 4-5 days back reading up to your very first post. Now I feel I know you and your family as much as I do my best friend! (Not in a stalker kind of way, I can assure you though :) You've gained another regular reader in me.

All the best,
Hamilton, NZ

Rachel said...

Hi Florence! You made my day with that comment. Thanks for coming by and introducing yourself. I look forward to getting to know you too. We don't live very far away from each other, I see. I love your name! It's one of my favourites. Happy New Year to you and your family. X

Gracie Saylor said...

Rachel, I am glad you are having this time of refreshment by the sea as you prepare to launch into a new year! By the ocean is my most favorite place on earth. I am so grateful I got to live two blocks from the ocean in Crescent City, CA, for seven years. I am wishing you and yours a most Happy New Year. xx

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