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Wednesday, December 10, 2014
It's that time of year again. My kids finish school on Friday - which is usually a week earlier than most schools in our area.

I had so much fun doing the gifts last year, and I wanted to have fun doing them this year too, but we've been under quite a bit of time pressures with one thing and another, so I haven't been able to spend quite as much time on them as I would have liked.

However, let me just say here, God Bless the Creators of Pinterest!

I couldn't have done it this year without you.

So, if you're under a time restraint, but you still want to do something special for those amazing people that pour so much time and energy into your kids, I thought I would share what I have done this year.
As you know, I now have 4 children at school, so the gifts rack up at the end of the year!

First up, my favourite gift to make this year.....

Spa in a Jar.

This is for Meredith's form teacher, Miss B. How lucky were we to get her this year. She is amazing! We love her, and she navigates the tweenie hormone rushes and social cliques like a pro.

Spa in a Jar - basically a mason jar filled with hand lotion, sugar scrubs, nail files/oranges/pedicure sponge/pumice and even a little bit of candy.

We also made her this bookmark. Meredith came up with the words. You can make your own on Wordle.

Teddy has also had an fantastic teacher this year. Miss E has been a God-send for him. Just a newish and young teacher she knows her job well and has been wonderful in working with the learning challenges that Teddy faces - keeping him on track and striving to catch up to his peers. And as she is moving up to the next year to teach, we just found out that he gets to have her next year also, which was the best news this week.

We found this most perfect cup for Miss E, and we filled it with chocolate.

Hugh who is in High School has so many teachers for all his different subjects, so I asked him to pick out a couple of his favourites and asked him what he'd like to get them.

Chocolate. That was his choice, so I obliged. He has two teachers who he's really enjoyed this year. Both ladies, so I hope they like the strawberry and cream Lindors.

Don't you love the labels I found online to wrap around the gift. You can find them here.

And Miss A has completed her first year at school, with Miss M. I am so looking forward to her going into Year 2 - it's one of my favourite years at school.

For Miss M we decided to do a cookie in a jar. This is always a popular gift, and looks pretty.

The recipe comes from here.

In the next two days we will say goodbye to the teachers from 2014. The children have had another wonderful year at their school, and we're looking forward to seeing what next year holds for them.

Do you do teacher gifts? And what are you giving this years?


Rambling Tart said...

I have neither kids nor teachers, but these are great ideas for anyone who needs a little spoiling. :-)

kimochigirl said...

I agree with Rambling Tart!
I adore gifting and these are some fab ideas, Rach! ❤️🎄❤️🎁❤️

Lisa said...

wowzers bet the teachers were stoked, very clever!!

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