The Journey of the House

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Thing have been.... sometimes frustratingly so..... very slow on the house-building project.

But hopefully in the next few weeks we'll have a very exciting announcement to make about this. I can't wait to tell you. After months of waiting for many things to come together... we are finally seeing some progress happening behind the scenes.

The waiting game with the building of our home has taught us a few life lessons. We had the trouble with getting a suitable plan, after ditching a few in the beginning as I wrote about here, then we were delayed with consent issues, then money, then builders, and all the other little things in between.

The irony of life is that for some, and we know people like this, life is just one big cruise, where everything seems to go smoothly and very few obstacles block the way. I know - very hard not to have a little envy with people like that. But I think for the majority of us, life is not about the ease and the cruise, but rather about the journey. The many twists and turns it takes to get to the destination.

I was telling my son this morning about the highways in America - those great big, straight and long concrete highways that make transportation so much easier and faster and safer when compared to our New Zealand roads of bitumen and hills and valleys and twists and turns, and when he turned to me and said, "but you'd soon get bored of that. The journey might take longer here, but at least there's always something interesting to look at," and it hit me then that our building project and dreams that we've been sitting on for nearly 3 years is much the same. The journey might have been full of angst and frustration and the unknown, but at least it hasn't been boring.

So I'm looking forward to sharing with you our exciting developments soon!


Mother of Pearl said...

I was wondering how your building project was coming along - or not - as the case may be.

I can totally sympathize about building project woes - our building project has taken way longer than I ever thought it would. We need one more permit from the state and then we can start digging. Hopefully.

I thought for certain we would be in the new house by Christmas last year, but that didn't happen, and who knows if it will happen by Christmas this year. But looking back, I can totally see God's timing in all of this. Last year was just too much for us with everything going on - building a house would been more than we could handle. I hope you can see God's best timing in your hurdles as well.

Elizabeth Collins said...

I am really looking forward to watching this dream emerge - one day we want to build as well!

Excited to hear what the announcement is going to be!

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