Bed Jackets are Kind of Sexy

Sunday, June 15, 2014
I've been knitting since I was just a wee girl. My first project I completed was a deep purple jersey with a big white star across the front.

I don't always feel like knitting. It's one of those hobbies that I come back to when the urge strikes, and for the last two years I haven't really felt like it - I think partly because the winters where I now live are very mild and not very winterish.

But this year, the urge to knit struck again, and I have several projects on the go all at once, which probably isn't the best of ideas, but it's how I roll, generally.

The sudden desire to get knitting again came with a shock one night when I got into bed to read before I turned out the light and realised that it was actually quite cold. I pulled the blanket up around my neck, but that is not very practical for holding a book. And then I remembered bed jackets. They've kind of gone out of vogue now, but after searching etsy and ravelry I found a whole lot of patterns still available. But many of them were old or hard to follow, or not the kind of bed jacket I was looking for, so I went down to my local knitting shop and asked the old ladies there.

"You're the second person to come in this week and ask about that," said one of them to me.

See... bed jackets are coming back in, and I think they're kind of sexy - and alluring.

But they didn't have any patterns, alas, but after some brain-storming we settled on a light summer cardigan instead, and I'm knitting it up in a pink mohair wool.

I also knitted a very pretty green hat to wear to netball on chilly mornings, but I've only been able to wear it once - it just hasn't been very cold. I got the pattern here on Ravelry.

And then we got the happy news that my husband's nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby later this year (making me a great aunt for the very first time), and baby knitting is the best kind of knitting, so I opted for a little cabled hat. I am a slow knitter, so I can't take on a big project like a shawl or blanket with only a few months to go before the dear baby arrives. My mother recommended this little hat and it is fun to make. I haven't done any cable knitting for years, and it is a favourite. I love baby wool the best, don't you?

And of course, I have knitted two fox hats for my daughters, and some of their friends have put in requests as well. They did turn out very cute. Another Ravelry pattern.

And when all of these are finished, I have another hat I want to knit. A 1920's style cloche hat inspired by Downton Abbey that looks very fetching. I have the wool for it (the red wool at the top of this blog post), I just need the time now.

Knitting is very relaxing and I often find myself pulling out my work to sit down in front of a good movie. I've been catching up on Downton Abbey lately and I also enjoyed watching this series on YouTube. Everytime I look at my green hat I think of the Edwardian Farm series. Today I am watching an old favourite, Sense and Sensibility. What do you like to do while knitting?


A Little Blue Dragonfly said...

I have to confess...I had never heard of a bed jacket until reading your post, but I had fun looking them up on Ravelry. :) Your cables are beautiful! What do I do while knitting? Watch British television...Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Doc Martin, Foyle's War, Life on Mars, etc... :)

Rachel said...

Oh I love Doc Martin too! Do you think you might try a bed jacket sometime?

Heather LeFebvre said...

I agree with you about bed jackets!!! The first sweater I knitted for myself is out of the softest merino in off white but it was too big and saggy -- then I thought of a bed jacket! Wow it is so perfect and because it is a lace pattern it really is perfect. And, I didn't have to throw the sweater out!!!

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