Getting Back To Reality

Saturday, January 18, 2014
Today is the last day of our holiday. Three weeks at the family bach has gone by so fast. Some weeks feel like a blink when I look back on them.

So my thoughts are now turning to the new year and getting back into the routines and what we want to accomplish this year as a family.

High on the list is the building of our new home. So many things have to come together for that to even start. Council consent for one thing! Finances, builder, agreeing to quotes and contracts. I feel as though I am much more involved with this build than I have been with the houses we have built in the past. Firstly, because I am intending to do all the interior decorating design myself, just to save a few dollars.
I can do this. I once did an interior decorating course, and it has been an interest of mine since high school days, but it often feels like an overwhelming task, which is why I've always had someone else do it. But this time I want it to be all my ideas.

I also need to set in place some fairly robust routines at home, not only for myself now that I will be working from home, but for the children. I've been thinking about this a lot during the holiday and how we can make things run smoother at home.

For us that means menu plans, designated homework times, specific chores, limited device access and set bed and wake times. I'm sure it's the same no matter how many children you have in a household, but last year I found it slightly chaotic trying to get four children out the door each morning.

I stumbled upon this website during the holidays. It looks like a great resource for helping busy mums and busy households.

We have about a week before the children go back to school. And I'm looking forward to getting started on the year and implementing new ideas so the home can run smoothly.


Simoney said...

The blog is looking great Rachel! Happy new year x

Sandy Addison said...

I hear you about being organised for the new year, How many times do I start and by the end of term one my life is in chaos again. I think my issue is stickability. Now if I could make that happen then I would be happier. I hope all goes smoothly with the council for your house - do you think there will be issues.

Rachel said...

Happy New Year Simone! Hope I get to see you this year.
Sammy, I will probably be the same by the end of term one, but I have good intentions! Haha. I don't think there are issues with the house, the council just like to take their time on these things. Sigh.

John said...

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