Fine Chocolate and Fine Clothes - a special High Tea

Monday, December 2, 2013
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Last week, instead of hitting the cafes for our weekly ritual get-together my friend D had a marvellous idea. "Let's go to Annah Stretton and have a high tea."
"Let's go to Annah Stretton and eat chocolate." I suggested.

What could be better? Fine chocolate and fine clothes.

Donovan's Chocolates sent me two packages of their newest flavours, Peppermint Delight and Dark Chocolate Caramels to try. Taking them into the AnnahS store with wine provided and good friends to chat with, we were there for nearly 2 hours just chatting, and laughing and eating and drinking.

The highlight of the high tea has to be the chocolates. We all loved them. The Peppermint Delight was the winning favourite with all the girls. Instead of the white, syrupy minty filling that you find in other mint chocolates, these were unique in their centre - with the texture of turkish delight, and a lovely soft feeling as you bite down into it, with a refreshing mint flavour.

The chewy caramels were yummy too, but the peppermint delight was far and away the best, and the fact that it had that point of difference in the soft centre made them all the more delightful.

Some of the girls and I were saying how they'd make a nice gift. It would be quite a good idea to keep a few boxes stashed away for those times you need something special.

You might recognise the brand. Donovans are a New Zealand-initiated family business - and their chocolate can be found in most of the big grocery stores (New World, PacNSave and Countdown as well as Nosh), and the 1 pound (454gms) box is really generous. Even after stuffing ourselves full of chocolate we still had some of the Peppermint Delight left over, and V who loved them the most, wrapped them up in tissue and stashed them in her handbag.

We had a lot of fun tasting the chocolates and laughing and talking. It's always nice to dress up and do something a bit special isn't it, and spend time with friends.

AnnahS has so many wonderful clothes to look at. Talk about colour! My favourite colour to wear at the moment is…...

And the shoes!! Very Marie Antoinette, don't you think?

We had a lovely time together playing ladies.


Heather L. said...

Too much fun!!!! not fair!! :)

Elizabeth Collins said...

I am SUCH a sucker for choc and peppermint (esp dark choc)... I wish you hadn't told us about these; I'm now craving!!!!!

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