Why I Hate Spring

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Usually I love Spring. I mean, who doesn't like Spring, right?

But this year I am not happy to see the Daffys bobbing their pretty heads, or the Fresias that have popped up by my front door.

I'm not really very thrilled to see the new lambs either, because it all means that Summer is coming, and I don't feel like I've even had a winter yet. I love the distinction of the seasons. Enjoying each one before travelling on to the next. But here in the Bay of Plenty it feels to me that there are only two seasons. Summer and Autumn.

And I love winter.

I love curling up on cold night with a fluffy blanket tucked around me, listening to the wind and the storms outside. I love taking long, hot baths in the dark with a few candles flickering with the cold wind blowing in through the open window. I love going out in the cold weather just so I can have the delicious feeling of coming home to warm, cosy house.

I think I can count on one hand the times this year that I have felt cold. Tauranga just isn't cold, and I haven't had enough of the winter yet. In fact, I feel like we're stuck in Autumn. I don't think any of us have acclimatised yet. I'm sure I get judged as a mother because we all go out in short-sleeves when everyone else is bundled up in scarves and coats. People, it's just not cold.

They need to go and spend a winter in the South Island, just to toughen up a bit.

This is what I'm missing.

and this....

Otherwise, Tauranga is perfect. I really love living here, but I just wish it were colder.

What is your favourite season?


Julia said...

Well, I'm sick of winter and so very ready for spring..which just happens to be my favourite season. Though autumn is pretty up there too. I would like winter better if this house had a fire place or some sort of free heating!

Betty Luckhurst said...

Maybe I'm just too old to appreciate the snow, but I'm happy without it. I was raised in the Chicago area, so you know I have seen my share of the white stuff. But, these days, nice photos of snow is enough for me. I guess you'll have to visit next winter to get your snow 'fix' :)

Ali Honey said...

Hi Rachel, I knew you were in the warm BOP but I think I might be a neighbour. I live at Te Puna, so you are not far away at all. It has indeed been a very mild Winter. We need some chilling for our kiwifruit vines but have not had it.
Personally I find it a lovely temperature to work in.

Elizabeth said...

I have LOVED the warm winter, LOVE - LOVE - LOVE!

Loving spring also ;-)!

PS - My kids are hot kids also, and they have just gone round in a singlet and skivvy, hardly ever have a jersey on! I also get 'those looks', *grin*!

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