Designing the Kitchen

Monday, July 1, 2013
On the weekend, we met with the arcitect and the kitchen designer. I can't believe how quickly it is all coming together. The architect - God bless him - was much further ahead with the working drawings than we had anticipated. To the point where it is almost ready to go to council and put out for pricing.

I have two projects over the next week. To do some research on ovens and to do some research on what type of fridge we would like.

Here is a picture of our kitchen layout. I really, really love this kitchen plan.

That rectangle in the middle of the kitchen is an island. Just an island - extra bench space. We have elected not to put a sink in there as we did with our last kitchen island and we will not be having bar stools. I hate bar stools anyway, and we never use them. We are just an eat-at-the-table-for-everything-type of family.

I am going for white and black in my kitchen. Kind of like this:

Picture source:
I really like the white cabinets and the dark island.

But this week I am off to look at ovens.

In our last  house I had two ovens on the wall and I loved them. Wall ovens are super practical, easy on the back and knees and two ovens is amazing. When you cook a lot, two ovens just makes life easier, so I was thinking I would go for that again, but I also really like the look of a floor oven. Those large ovens do look very nice, but when I had one in our first house in Alexandra, I always felt terribly guilty about heating up the entire thing just to put some little slice or small cake into it.

But the kitchen designer (Carolyn is her name) tells me that you can now get a floor oven with two ovens.

Something like this....

Pictures source: here.

What do you think? What works for you with your oven? I am definitely going gas on the top (hob). I hate having to wait for the electrical hobs to heat  up. Sooooo much slower than gas, even though I'm terrified of blowing up the house everytime I turn the gas on. LOL!

Oh and I am doing my best to save the Jacaranda tree. The architect is pegging out the house this week and says he will try!

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