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Thursday, May 23, 2013
I've given up on the 30 day book challenge. Honestly, I was getting so stressed out choosing a favourite every time - too hard for a book lover!

And this has been such a busy time for us. There is so much going on! It's all great fun, and I love it, but it's so busy! On Saturday I have the children at netball, ballet and soccer, all at around the same time, usually in three different parts of town. When I was registering Theodore for soccer, the coach asked me if I was English - as in from the UK. Ha! I had to laugh and then was puzzled as to why he would think that, so I asked. And the answer, because soccer is called Football up here in the North Island. So maybe my South Island Christchurch proper accent combined with using the term 'soccer' makes me sound English! That's kind of funny, if you ask me.

On the writing front, I am distancing myself from my manuscript. Trying to forget it exists. Throwing myself into sewing and shopping and movies, and wondering why I'm getting frustrated, until my husband told me it's because I've stopped writing. Which is true. I'm still waiting on a couple of my beta readers to get back to me, but I've had some good feedback and plan of getting back into the editing of it soon.  In June, I am going up to Auckland, all by myself, to attend a workshop on creative writing and planning/structure of novel writing. So looking forward to that, and so grateful for a husband who doesn't mind going solo with the children for a few days.

I'm planning a series of children's books. It's my in-between project before I launch into my next novel. I'm really excited about it - have started writing them. You know, I don't even care if any of my books get published. I just like the creative process of creating them. That's the fun part for me.

One lovely thing that happened this week was a visit to the Annah Stretton store for a style consultation with Nina. This was thanks to my lovely friend, Debbie. I met Debbie when we first moved to Tauranga. Remember that ghastly house we rented for a few months? I am convinced that we had to live there just so we could meet Debbie.  Her daughter and Meredith are great friends, and Debbie is one of the nicest people I have ever known.

So yesterday I had my makeup done and then a long chat with Nina, who assured me that in spite of four children, and the steady march southward of my body, I am still an hourglass (or bluebelle) shape. Like Nigella Lawson (I liked that part). It was so much fun, and I came away from it with the confidence to develop my own signature style. I'm trying to move away from the Mumsy conservative look that I've had for the past 15 years or so. A new chapter is beginning in my life. I really enjoyed my time with Nina, who is a beautiful and inspiring woman. I was telling her a bit about my life story, and she was telling me some of hers, and I was thinking afterwards about the strength that so many women have because of what life has thrown at them, and how they have turned it into something beautiful, like Nina. I truly came away from my time there feeling inspired and nurtured and confident.

Look at this beautiful rose-clip I bought from the Annah Stretton store. I love it. Today I am wearing it on my belt and the pop of red with the black and silver outfit I'm wearing just satisfies me.

I have started doing a pilates class each week with one of my sisters-in-law. It is so good. It's not really strenuous, and yet I find myself with aching arms and thighs the next day. But pilates makes you feel so good and I always sleep well after it with all that concentrated breathing that you do. As well as this, I am trying to get into a routine of doing these exercises every day which a good friend put me onto. You would think I could manage 15 minutes a day, wouldn't you. I really recommend these if you're a busy person who doesn't naturally take to exercise (like me).

On the house front, we ditched the last architect and have gone with a new one, and are seeing him on Saturday. I'm thinking we probably should have gone with him first, as he's very experienced and I think instinctively knows what we are trying to achieve.

Alice is going to her first real girly, girl birthday party on Saturday. She is so excited about it. This morning we are going to go down to the shops to choose a present for her friend.

So, that's just a few of the things that have been happening around here - as well as meetings at school and hockey during the week (Hugh is trialling for the Rep teams in a couple of weeks), physio both for me and Hugh, and tomorrow I am doing something fun which I hope to blog about over the weekend. Hope you all are having a good week!

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Heather L. said...

Can't wait to read your children's books!!! Also excited for you to have a new architect! Hope you are able to get what you are looking for in a house.

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