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Thursday, March 21, 2013
Well, we finally got a house plan that we like!

We are actually thrilled with it. It's smaller than we are used to, but that's ok, we'll just have to force ourselves to get rid of quite a lot of junk and have some garage sales I think.

We've organised it with a guest bathroom/bathroom downstairs, so that once the children have all left home - a long way off yet though - we have the option of getting in a boarder or overseas student.

Great things that we love about the house:

* The indoor/outdoor area and the covered porch by the pool.
* The large, open pantry area
* The guest room
* The internal laundry. I've never had an internal laundry, but I quite like the thought of it being close-by. It's amazing how much time I spend in the laundry.

* The large storage areas
* the little hallway between the bedrooms
* the void so you can look over the edge to the downstairs foyer.

 When we first received the elevations this week, I was so nervous to see what it looked like on the outside. I'm ok with it - not thrilled, although I think my husband and my kids have out-voted me. This is what the house will look like from the street:

 And here is the 3-D version:

It kind of is reminiscent of a '70's house to me, which I don't like, really. But we are on a budget, and gables and shutters and french windows are expensive, so I'm trying to be realistic about it all. 

There are certainly things about the look of the house on the outside that I don't like. But I recognise that these are first world issues, and I am very, very grateful to be getting brand new house at all. But it kind of grates on my aesthetic nerves a leetle bit. Let me know what you think.

I do not like corner windows. At all. I think they will have to go. And I hate the way New Zealand architects put the windows right up to the top of the wall - as they have done on this secondstory window on the left.

But I do love the plan for the inside, so maybe I will focus all my attentions on that. What do you think? What would you do?


Mother of Pearl said...

We are beginning the process of building a house, so this is something that's been on my mind a good bit. I really like your plan, including the corner windows, but maybe not the white brick. I like the contemporary look of your design, especially the rooflines, but I realize your tastes lean a little more to the traditional/country look. But I agree - I don't think windows should go all the way to the top of the wall.

I like the laundry being near the kitchen and I love your nice big pantry. That was one thing I made sure to tell our architect - I want a big, walk-in pantry.

The other nice thing about having a bedroom and bathroom on the first floor is you can use it if at some point you can't do stairs and need to be all on one floor. We are designing a first floor schoolroom (we homeschool) that can be a bedroom on the first floor for that reason.

Sandy Addison said...

I do like your plans. I get what you do no like about the brick - can you use another material. I particularly like Iron, zinc calume sheeting at the moment with fibre board. I agree with you about the windows - can you lower them. It is a very different design to what I am used to over here. My favourite architect is a guy called Gabriel Poole - google him. My house would be based on stuff he does. I also love the idea of a large pantry. Did you get a win with the Jacaranda?

Mrs M said...

I like the plans - looks like it would flow really nicely and would be great for hospitality too. You can clad it differently and the planting and gardens will soften things too.

Heather L. said...

How exciting!!!! How fun to have a pool and deck right out back! And it's great that you will have up to 5 bedrooms!!! Can't wait to see what the real thing looks like!!!

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