A New Quilt for our New Home

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
We are having a frustrating time at the moment with the architects. We gave our brief - one of the important things was that we wanted two living areas and 5 bedrooms (one of which had to be downstairs). They came back with a plan showing only one living area, and the 5th bedroom downstairs was to be converted into a living room when needed. Ummmm.... that wasn't what we asked for. So we've been back and forward about 3 times now and they still can't get it right and it's getting frustrating.

But anyway, I am loving pinterest these days. I might not have had it for my wedding, but I do have it for the new house, and I'm pinning like crazy to find the right interior decorating colours and plans.
I have just about got Alice's room sorted out. This pin is my inspiration for colours and design:

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

And then I found this scrumptious quilt. I found it one day by reading through some of my blogroll and this lady happened to be doing a giveaway. But I couldn't wait for that - and I seldom win anything anyway. So I just went ahead and ordered the fat quarter pack. I've already started it and am so enjoying it. I have rather a heavy-going writing project underway at the moment, and this is my relief from that.

You can view the quilt and the tutorial at: Lovely Little Handmades. She has links to her etsy shop for the fabric.

Isn't it just the sweetest thing?

I can't tell you how excited I was to get it in the mail.

How could you not be happy when working with such sweetness. I am really loving making this - I think it will be my most favourite quilt - just because the fabric is so lovely and it is so quick to sew together and each square is different, so plenty of variety. But I just love the prints. There's something very Milly-Molly-Mandyish about it. Perfect for my wee girl.


bettyl said...

That's going to be so cute when it's finished :) And, I know it's something to help relax. I look forward to the final photos!

MandaBurms said...

Rachel that quilt is YUMMY!
Love Leanne

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Rach! I love it. I'm kind of tempted to order one for Rosie and get going myself. Love Penny

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