And So We Begin Again

Friday, January 25, 2013
They say that three times is the charm. Not that I believe in that really; but we are about to embark on building our third house.
We met this morning with the man who is in charge of it all. We stood on our section under the shade of a Jacaranda tree in all its purple loveliness, and talked house plans.

We truly believe that God kept this plot of land for us. The Bethlehem subdivision is nearly 20 years old, and we have just bought the last section. It has been vacant for all this time. The owner purchased it with plans to extend his garden, but it just happens to be a prime spot. Less than 5 minutes walk to school and kindy, a cafe, my brother-in-law's, and just off the main highway. It's perfect for us, and as the owner has had it on the market, on and off, for awhile, we know that we know that we know (as we used to say in YWAM days), that God has kept it for us all these years. He knew we'd end up here, and that we'd love it, and that we'd never want to leave.

So here it is - our little piece of miracle. And I am fighting to keep the Jacaranda.


Julia said...

ooh exciting Rachel! I am praying for you (and the Jacaranda tree lol!)as you embark on the next stage on your building project. {{hugs}}

MandaBurms said...

VERy thrilling, looking forward to seeing the house plans.

Love Leanne

Heather L. said...

So excited for you!!! That Jacaranda is Gorgeous!!!! We had one in Africa and haven't seen once since. :( Can't wait to see progress on your house!!! Maybe it is the one we will one day visit you at!!!!

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