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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
It has been quite a change for us, moving from rural Canterbury to urban Tauranga.
The biggest plus-side of leaving my 10 acres and my fledgling orchard and truffle trees and very large vegetable garden is that I have flowers that don't get blown to bits by the 'nor-west winds.

They are not my flowers. I didn't plant them, but I'm allowed to enjoy them and pick them and use them while we are here in this lovely rental house. And the garden is really small, and shady and is also a terraced garden, which I didn't think I would like, but it's actually growing on me and I do enjoy standing at my kitchen sink, and looking out through the wide kitchen windows at the two beautiful pink camellias. They are stunning. I think the nicest camellia I have ever seen. My sister-in-law wants cuttings, and I think I'll be taking cuttings off it also, when we leave.

These steps go up to a plateau which has been used as a vegetable garden.

Here is the pretty camellia.

Alice dancing in the garden.

 I love these flowers. I don't know what they are called, but they look similar to daisies, which are my favourites, and so they make me smile. The garden is just brimming with them.

 Aren't they beautiful!

 Another picture of the terraced garden.

In our front garden, the one by the driveway, there are loads of spring flowers which are so pretty and make such a lovely welcome as you come up the steps to the house. Meredith and I made a little sylvanian family scene out there the other day (it's for a competition), and Theodore took a big bunch to school for his teacher.

I am so enjoying having flowers again. Things grow so quickly here in the Bay of Plenty. It really lives up to its name of plenty! Everyone seems to have pretty flower gardens, and I can't wait to get my own - one day!

The view from the kitchen window.

Alice singing at the top of her voice for all the neighbours to hear. :o)


Heather L. said...

Such beautiful flowers! and the camellia does look like my rose!! I'd forgotten about sylvanians! Too bad we don't get them here.....they are so adorable! Maybe I will find some for Laura in the UK next year.

octabis said...

Beautiful pictures as always !
And your kitchen view is just wonderful. Would love the same.

Here autumn is coming, everything is turning red and yellow, different, but nice as well !

Clara said...

Beautiful! :)
Those look to me like African Daisies, by the way. :)

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