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Wednesday, August 8, 2012
My sister-in-law was telling me a few weeks ago that she was about to try ordering her groceries through the internet! Can you imagine what our grandmothers would have thought of that?

I pricked my ears up, because truth be known, I absolutely detest grocery shopping.

I used to love it when I didn't have children, but the more children I have had, the harder it has become to find an hour to do it, and if I take the children with me I usually get a bit distracted and forget something on my list, or get talked in to alot of food that wasn't on my list. ;o)
And it was actually getting to the point where if I did a 2-weekly shop I would need 2 trolleys. And my dear little 3 year old loves to have temper-tantrums in the aisles when I don't buy her the coloured, glittery bracelet hanging between the flour and the spices.

So, I have been thinking about this whole online shopping thing, and then at my patchwork class another mum with three children told me how she hates grocery shopping too, and has been online shopping for months. She told me she saves at least $50 a week on her budget, and probably more.

So I thought I'd try it out. The first time I placed the order it took awhile to do - the store (Countdown) is laid out in goods aisles: eg: Bread. Meat. Frozens. Vegetables, etc, etc. And under each category are subcategories: Bread: Baked goods, sliced bread, donuts etc, etc. So it takes time the first time.

But the second time is a snap, and it remembers your previous orders. You get tons of specials on line - all the same ones that are instore, and if you order over $250 delivery only costs $8. I figured I would spend at least that (and probably much more) on impulse buys.

And I love it! I am free of the grocery store! I sit down of an evening when the children are tucked up; coffee in hand, feet up and shop. Ahhhhh.

The groceries all come tied up in bags, delivered inside the front door by two very chatty young men - who told me my sister-in-law said to say hello as they'd just delivered her groceries before mine! Ha!

Here's a sweet wee girl who loves to help.

Delivered to the door.

I'm still getting into the swing of it - planning out my menus so I hopefully only have to make one trip to the store for milk during the week, and if I can convince my husband that frozen milk is really no different to fresh milk (yeah right) then I won't have to make any trips!

This has revolutionised my life and I'm looking forward to seeing how much money it saves us.


Cottage Tails said...

I look forward to hearing how you find it. I am over pack n save so could swap shops!

Julia said...

I'm not a fan of shopping wither. It's not the kids...though mine are teens now so they constantly EAT's more the week in week out drag of doing it..knowing that its all going to be eaten before I get a look in LOL!

Miriam said...

my hubby doesn't like frozen milk either. When we lived in the UK we got ours delivered - they arrived while I was having our baby!!

online shopping said...

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