Shall I ..... ???

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
.... get my hair cut in this style?

I'm loving having long hair, but kind of getting tired of the same old, same old. This is the first haircut I've seen that I've thought might actually work for me. What do you think?


Heather L. said...

It's a really lovely style! Wish I had the patience to have long hair like that.

Anonymous said...

I think you would look wonderful in that style. Sometimes it is just time to try something new!

Ginny E

Julia said...

oh pretty!! I think it would really suit you..can't wait to see if you actually "do it!"
Miss 16 is always trying to convince me to get my hair cut/style. *grins*

Anonymous said...

Yes! It's a beautiful cut, do it!!! :)

Sandy Addison said...

It is a lovely style but my question to you Rach is how long will you have to spend on it every day to tame your curls? Can it be cut to take into account the days you can't be bothered to style it. These are the issues I hassle with every time I want a change. A good hairdresser will tell you straight up if it will work but also will give suggestions on what is best for you. Does this help? But definately go for a change girl!!

Cate said...

I've always been of the frame of mind that says hair always grows back, so be brave and try something new!

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