Chilling Road Signs

Friday, November 11, 2011
Everytime I travel around New Zealand by road, I always think I'd like to try and take photos of the interesting, but sobering road signs along our highways.
But sometimes I miss them.

But on our way home from Nelson last week we drove through the beautiful Lewis Pass (the day after they had a heavy dumping of snow - in November). I caught three signs - with beautiful backdrops.
The signs are effective to slow you down. I have a tendency to have a 'heavy foot' as my grandfather would put it, while driving, but I have no danger of drink-driving as I don't drink alcohol, and I have been guilty of propping open my eyelids, especially on the half hour drive to Cromwell from Alexandra to visit my hairdresser in the days when I had young babies, but the signs do make you stop and think when you see them.
I'm interested to know if other countries have these type of signs along the highway.


octabis said...

NZ also have at least another one in the same style.
A car, 2 parents, 2 kids, and a radar on the side of the road.
Caption is "your last family picture ?"

I think they're quite well done.
France also has some, but more "trashy", with car wrecks and people in the morgue and such.

Clara said...

We have signs like that in Australia, too - "Don't be dead for a deadline", "Speed kills" and so on. We also have gruesome ones about quitting smoking - showing some of the gruesome diseases from smoking (like what a lung or gangrene toe looks like etc). I think they are good to have - speeding and smoking are both horrible habits, aren't they?!

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