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Sunday, October 9, 2011
Yesterday I went into the city to get my hair cut.
I only really go in now for that reason - my lovely hairdresser, Carolyn, manages Sutherland Todd in Merivale, where I've been going since we moved here to Christchurch. But because I don't colour my hair and because it's long I don't have to go very often. Carolyn and I actually worked out that it's 12 weeks between each haircut. Not a bad savings really (that's what I tell my husband anyway). Just wait until I start colouring it!

When I go into Merivale, I usually like to do a bit of clothes shopping with that money I save LOL!. Merivale has some lovely designer clothing stores, and at the end of last summer I bought a Scope (NZ designer) skirt that I have pretty much worn non-stop throughout the winter, so I wanted to go back and see what they had for summer. It's not cheap, but oh so worth the investment in good clothes, I find, because they fit so well, and last so long. I just get a few pieces to see me through the season. Don't get me wrong, I do not have the money to be kitted out in designer clothes everyday, but experience has taught me that a few really good pieces can be justified because they last so well, and look good all the time.

Yesterday I found another Scope skirt in a different colour, a stripey tunic top and this most adorable cardigan-style summer top from London designer DarlingClothes. I am in love with it. I was gasping over the pretty clothes this summer - and the lovely vintage feminine style that's coming out. I could have spent thousands of dollars (couldn't we all) on really pretty tops, skirts, and dresses.

The  really great thing is that since I started my Dukan diet I have gone down a dress size, so trying on lovely clothes is so much more fun and rewarding - truly worth the sacrifice. I haven't been too good about the exercise, so the weight loss has been slow, but now that warmer weather is here I am going out biking with my neighbour in the late afternoon. 12 weeks until Christmas and I'd like to go down another size.
Not getting depressed while trying on clothes is so nice!


Roz said...

This is so adorable and you will look great in it. Funny enough I just posted a blog on Polka Dots today.

Cottage Tails said...

Well done on the dropped dress size - whacko!
I looked at the diet but oh boy restrictive. Not ready to do that yet.
Pretty tops
Loved the photos of kids in cupboards.

Love Leanne

Cate said...

Gorgeous top and go you with the dress size girl! Be interested to hear what you eat on that diet.

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