Janet and Goldilocks

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
If my eldest daughter has her way, our home will be turned into - not a house for humans, but a house for animals. She has her heart set on being a vet one day (and has the brains for it too, I think), and is managing to talk us into more and more animals.

We have a dog - he's been here since she was born. We have hens and a rooster. At her last birthday we gave her a bunny. She really wants a cat, but my eldest son is allergic, so up until this point we have steered clear of cats, but we are starting to rethink that one.

Somehow, this last weekend, she managed to talk us into fish. I've never owned fish before, and it's certainly an inexpensive way of keeping pets - they're just not very cuddly.

At only around $4 per fish it's quite an achievable thing for her to work towards buying with  her pocket money.

But we had a fun hour on Saturday at our local pet shop choosing out two goldfish, getting the things for their bowl and naming them.

I call them Tommy and Tuppence. My husband calls them Romeo and Juliet (have you ever heard that riddle about Romeo and Juliet lying dead on the floor in a pool of water with the door locked - how did they get there)?

The boys came up with Fish and Chips.

But Meredith likes to call them Janet and Goldilocks.

I am actually quite mesmerized by them. At the moment they sit on the end of our kitchen bench, and in the evening while I am sitting by the fire in our family room, I like to look over and see them there, swimming around in their goldfish bowl. Meredith already has plans for more.

We especially like the pink pebbles.

I am curious as to know what would happen to the goldfish bowl in an earthquake. Let's just hope that (God forbid) if we do get another one that I'm home to save their lives lol!


Julia said...

Interesting names... hehe...

We've had goldfish. With all sorts of interesting names. Fish 1 Fish 2, Fish and Chips...but they eventually died.

I've recently bought some guppies of a friend's dd...already one has died :-)

I hope Janet and Goldlocks live a long and prosperous life!

bettyl said...

Sounds like a fun adventure! Fish and Chips is my favorite!

Marja said...

Nice names and cool these fish. We had an aquarium for a while but because the cleaning took a lot of work we eventuelly stopped having them

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