The Pecking Order in our Nursery

Friday, July 1, 2011
Bedtime around here - which is twice a day for two year old Alice, can turn into a bit of a drama.

She has these dolls and teddies that she is rather attached to.

From Left: Woof-woof, Bubba-Dee, Di-Di and Maimie.

Woof-woof was given to Alice when she was born by my cousin.
We're not quite sure where the name Bubba-Dee comes from, but it's cute and because she is so small, she's really, really easy to lose. I'm thinking of putting a tracking device in her tummy.

Di-Di (the doll with the braids) is named after Alice's Aunty Dianne (Di-Di) Lees. She got rather attached to her at the beach house this year, and it is a very great honour that Alice named her doll after her.

And Maimie is a little softie that I made for her.

However, there is the ruler of the dolls - and that is Bubba. The Queen of the Nursery.
She is the one that Alice takes everywhere. So she is often getting herself lost too. I made her some new clothes but Alice didn't like them, so Bubba is only allowed to wear one of two outfits. The one I made is now somewhere at the bottom of the toy box.

When Alice goes to bed, the dolls have a pecking order. They have to be face up, peeking out from the sheets, and in a special order. Tears flow if I get the order wrong. Woof-woof and Di-Di are on the left, with Woof-woof hard against the cot. Bubba-Dee goes in between.
On the right we have Maimie against the cot and Bubba next to Alice. It's a fine-art, I tell you. There are two other small teddies that Alice hasn't quite named yet, but is only just allowing them the privilege of sleeping in the cot.

Oh - me -oh - my - the hoops you jump through for a two year old!


Mother of Pearl said...

I feel your pain - I know all about the troubles of bedtime with baby dolls. My little girl is more fickle - the dolls allowed in her bed change from night to night. But isn't it wonderful that she is loving to her dollies.

Cate said...

Love the pics - it seems so long ago for me! Love your new banner for your shop too. Hope that you are all coping with this wild weather!

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