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Monday, June 27, 2011
I am finding that the downside of starting school is picking up all the bugs going around. We've had quite a term of one thing after the other. Homeschooling does shield you from a lot of winter germs and things, and my theory is that we're all having to build up our immune systems with this onslaught. I've already been on antibiotics once this winter and am thinking I'll have to have another bout of them soon - we all got that horrible headachy tummy bug that is followed by a cough that goes on for weeks. I've only had the cough for a week (the kids are into their 3rd week of it), and am already sick of waking a couple of times in the night, so might take myself to the doctor later this week.

I seem to have lost my blogging motivation too - although I have a few ideas for this week, but I'm snowed under with the school community newsletter. I didn't realise when I took it on what a huge committment it was going to be. The mum that I took it off said she'd help me through the first one, but that hasn't happened, and I've been left in the deep end with it and only three weeks left to go in the term - it's due out on the last day of school. The hardest part is chasing up all the people who contribute to it.

The Year 8 (Form 2) teacher works with me on it and that has been a plus, as I really like her, and am hoping that Hugh will get her next year. She's a no-nonsense teacher - which is just what he needs.

The other difficulty is that the school uses mac computers and I don't, so I'm having to start from scratch with everything, and so many people have sent their ads in pdf form which won't convert to publisher. Arggghhhh! So short of going out and buying a new mac computer (not) at this point I'm unsure how it's all going to work out.

Well, that's my moan for the day. I am looking forward to tomorrow when Roz (quilter extraodinaire) is coming over to have a play with blogs - that will be a nice break from the newsletter. I already had to put her off last week because of this cough. I anticipate a yummy lemon cake coming out of my oven tomorrow morning.

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Shearer's Girl said...

Poor you, hope you feel better soon.

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