A Country Carnival

Sunday, May 22, 2011
A beautiful day here in Canterbury, we wandered down to the school after lunch to join in the fun(draising) for our school. I gave the kids $5 each and this is how they spent it...

The candyfloss maker did a booming trade . . .

Pony rides . . .

Trying their luck at this - unsuccessfully, but they did get given a lollipop as a consolation prize. . .
Devonshire teas . . . 

and enjoying the lovely, lovely atmosphere of feeling part of a community and passing the time of day with newfound acquaintances.

I can't believe I didn't get any photos of the crowd of people there - it was really busy. I think I was preoccupied managing Alice who loved the bouncy castles and the toy cars to ride in and wasn't very cooperative when it was time to leave.

I love our school and I love the people who go there - it was a fun afternoon. None of the children had any money left. Meredith spent her last $1 on the two little cupcakes at the tea tent, and it felt almost springlike sitting out in the warm afternoon sun.


liz said...

How lovely! What a fab looking event! I love the summer fetes
we have here, lots of cakes and teas with lots of stalls and games to play. We also go to lots of church flower festivals which have tea and cake and stalls, it always feels like your part of the community, so nice. It sounds like school is really suiting you all, you are so lucky to have found such a great place for the children. Hope you have a lovely week ahead of you. Liz x

~Rebekah~ said...

Hi Rachel!

I'm having such a fun time catching up on everything here in your blog. The kids are growing so nicely, love hearing about their new adventures and the school. I also see the new felting store. Maybe closer to fall I'll grab some things for Amelia. LOVE the shoes and cute little hats.

Wanted to thank you for the encouragement. I've gotten quite the feedback from you and a couple of my friends about this issue. One being that this heart defect is VERY COMMON and not at all serious. Which he told me in the office himself. One of my friends does genetic counseling and said the odds of Downs in this case are very minimal and she doubts it's anything that serious.

My other friend works for an adoption agency that monitors birth moms and their babies via sono's and said it's very common and very unlikely that Amelia would have Downs.

She also said she believes that the Dr.'s are being taught to encourage patients with possible down kids to terminate for what reason she think is that they are a cost to the medical system. She is irritated with it.

All in all, as you have mentioned, I'm moving forward and working on rest to bring this little girl to term. IF the test shows both downs and heart defect, we'll deal with it when it comes. We know first hand that children with Downs can have a happy and healthy life. So I'm focusing right now on the priority of getting her to term. God knows and will provide the rest if and when it is needed. I just wanted to thank you for that encouragement. I Needed it to get me out of this panic and put my focus on God.

Love you dear friend ((Great BIG Hugs))


Cate said...

I love the local fetes where you can catch up with the community. Am so glad that you are all enjoying yours.

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