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Monday, April 4, 2011
This is my first year of 'doing' soccer. My six year old has been hanging out for the sign up date to the local football club.And this last weekend was his first game. I came home and noted to my husband that it might be a good idea to remind him frequently throughout the game which way the goal is. He likes to be right in on the action but is vague as to which way to kick it.

I did have a little chuckle to myself as I observed the other mums. I am not passionate about soccer. I'll let you in on that little snippet from the start. It aint my thing. But it obviously is for these other mums. Lots of shouting out to their kids when they did the wrong thing. Lots of shaking heads like they'd just made a very bad decision on something earth shattering instead of just missing the ball. But anyway, there were some nice mums there too, and some dads, but I love to people watch and find small things amusing.

I introduced myself to one of the other mums and discovered that her kids go to the same school. They even catch the bus with my kids. She went to great lengths to tell me that her family are 5th generation out here, that the country school we go to is not the same country school it used to be when she and her husband were kids, (no it isn't, nor should it be), and that she wished the council would not allow any more subdividing - this was after I told her we were in one of the new 10 acre subdivisions. Interesting.

I think I might hand the soccer job over to my husband, and I'll stick to netball. But Theodore is enjoying it - he really likes his shin pads.

I've had a really busy day today, but I'm hoping to do the giveaway tomorrow!


Cate said...

Haha - I had over 10 years of being a soccer mum :-)

Some of them really are an interesting breed. I used to stand quietly and watch the spectators even more than the players at times.


Anonymous said...

Ginny E said...

I love soccer - at any age and both guys and gals. During our season I've got 7 playing on teams. I'd say for the most part the parents are supportive, but there are a few that makes you wonder what goes on in their homes. I think it's a great sport for kids because they can still play and be part of a team no matter the skill level.

Robyn Jordan said...

Rachel I can't believe how much Theodore looks like your Dad. he is adorable isn't he ( I mean Theodore:) ) Don't boys love kicking Balls. My big nearly 18 year old just sprained his ankle playing soccer with his brothers:(
Sounds as if you are a busy Mum :) Am getting to reply to email ..sorry xx

Sandy Addison said...

Yep I have joined that club too.
I am glad one of the mums from school is there every Saturday as that makes the game go so much faster

Ann said...

Ah yes.. last year I was tut tutted by two of the other team's mums because we don't give our lot oranges. They only play for half an hour. They were hilariously rude about it... got to laugh... A x

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