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Tuesday, April 12, 2011
This past week has been so busy - but such a happy week. One of these days I want to blog about how our new experience of school is going. But I am having such a great time meeting new people, making new friends, doing fun things with Alice and fun things around the home that I haven't had a chance to do blogging - which is fun for me too.

But I did want to show you what arrived in the mail today. I was so excited to see the brown package sitting in my mailbox after I got home from walking the children to the school bus.
It's the long awaited Blurb book that I created and ordered - compiling my blog from 2010 and turning it into a family photo album, year book, record of all that we experienced last year together.
I am in love, I tell you, with this book. The quality of the print is supurb and it's just such a thrill to see my family photos (taken by yours truly), and my rambling writings of last year all in a nice neat, well-presented package. It's the ideal thing for the coffee table, except I want to make sure it stays in near-new condition, and if I leave it lying around for my 4 children to get hold of, it won't.

It cost under $100 to get this done, which is worth the time and effort for me to do up photograph albums. And it was fun too. Blurb automatically slurps your blog into a book format, then you just have to go through and edit, change things around - fix it to how you want it.

If my blogging enthusiasm has been lagging this last week, this book has given me the motivation I need to keep going.

It also means that if there was ever any (gasp) shock, horror crash of the internet I will at least have this record.

But in all reality I don't think I could ever give up blogging. It's become a part of me, an important part of my life, our family journal, my connection with the outside world, with like-minded women. A good writing discipline - that's if I can discipline myself to blog regularly. I am not given to discipline, unfortunately.


Cottage Tails said...

How many pages? did the $100nz include postage?
I am soooo tempted to do one.
I have tried printing off blog but I find that soo boring....

Glad you are enjoying meeting like minded folk - hard to find that homeschooling sometimes. I cringed when Sunday Tv show showed USA Purity balls & they were homeschoolers - OH MY! - The Unschoolers that were featured a few weeks back - have come to some of the events I organised they were hard case. But lived too far for meeting up
Love Leanne

Heather L. said...

This may be something I should do, rather than print all the photos and spend all the time putting it in an album.

frangipani said...

What an awesome idea. It looks very professional. That's a really special record for your family and at a very reasonable price too I think

Cate said...

It looks wonderful! I've been getting the blurb emails for a while but hadn't followed through - you are inspiring me :-)

Clara said...

I have thought about doing this several times, but there are so many unanswered questions I have about this (some of which "Cottage Tails" asked you too!)... The book looks great!!

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