Autumnal Delights

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Don't you just love that word.
It's lovely to say.

Why is it that Autumn seems to be so many people's favourite time of the year? I know it's one of mine.
I've been very busy bottling up summer. Tomato soup, pumpkin soup, apples and plums and pears and quince.
And yesterday I had two more delights arrive in the mail from England - perfect timing for my jars of fruit and jam - as it will look particularly pretty standing in my pantry.

Although, actually, I am not displaying my preserves on my shelves this year, to be honest. I've packed them away safely in the drawers. It would be heartbreaking to find them smashed on the floor if we had another big aftershock, so I am taking precautionary measures.

Anyway, these arrived yesterday. Label and Sticker books from two of my favourites. Cath Kidston and French General.

They just peel off really easy and look lovely on my jars.

This morning I made Quince Jelly. Quince is one of my favourite fruits. You cannot eat it without cooking it and adding sugar, but there is so much you can do with it. Last year I preserved it. This year I made Quince Paste and Jelly.

I've also been making Cinnamon Pears. It's the first time I've tried bottling pears, and it was so easy!
I am putting the recipes on my recipe blog, South Sea Island Kitchen.

The labels are not expensive. A book of 200 stickers is only around 5 pounds, which today is only $11.75 New Zealand - and the shipping is free. You can get the Cath Kidston labels here at my favourite place. 
The French General labels come from the same place here.

The Quince Jelly recipe is here.

And the Cinnamon Pears recipe is here.


Cate said...

Wow - I am soo impressed at your domestic skills!

Those labels look gorgeous too.

Clara said...

Your preserves look fantastic! I haven't had quince jelly since my mother made it probably over a decade ago!! I've never tried doing quince myself - or pear, for that matter... Maybe I'll have a go with your recipes! :)

I was given that exact label book from French General for my birthday recently... I'd never seen anything like it before, but they are wonderful!! I'm glad to know where to get more when mine run out! :) The Cath Kidston ones look lovely too!

Cameron said...

Yum yum yum...You have been a busy beaver, Rachel!! I love those labels...especially the stamp looking one.

Julze said... son was logged in...that was me that replied above. :-)

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