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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
We are home now from Auckland, but still have that feeling of being on holiday. It's hard to get out of the routine of eating when you feel like it, wearing clothes that don't match and not being over particular about your hairstyle or your makeup. I enjoyed not having a tv, not having schedule, not having an iron.

Sometimes when I felt like it I would wander around our beach property and take photos of nothing in particular. Bush, flowers, bees, old buildings, people. Just being aimless is part of the beauty of holidays. Here are a few of my aimless photos of our beloved beach place.

The path to the beach - on a hot, sunny day.

My mother-in-law's old bedroom mirror 

Flax on the sea

Eating watermelon everyday.

Picnic lunches under the tree

Mossy banks

Bush walks

Lovely, shady, romantic, hidden pathways.

Beautiful trees

A bee on an Agapantha

The fun of catching fish

The wake behind a boat

Fun on the sea biscuit (just hours before he broke his foot)

Closing your eyes while lying on rugs under a tree on hot summer afternoon

It has been a lovely holiday - it always is at our Auckland place. I'm not finished yet with some of the highlights of our holiday, but this is enough for today.


fevi said...

Beautiful country, beautiful family, beautiful pictures. It would be a very happy holiday.

liz said...

Just recently found your lovely blog. I have loved reading it and am feeling very envious looking at your gorgeous sun filled pictures. Your holiday looks just perfect, it looks like a very beautiful place to be.

Little Kiwi Chick said...

After reading your post and seeing the photos I can close my eyes and imagine I am there!

Glad you had such a lovely time away!

Cate said...

Gorgeous pics Rachel, and it really is a lovely place :-)

Kat said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like you had a wonderful time.

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