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Friday, February 25, 2011
This morning I thought it would be kind of interesting to see what newspapers around the world are saying about our earthquake. We've seen some interesting tv coverage from other parts of the world. Mostly England, Australia and the USA. I find it fascinating to hear what the rest of the world says about your own country, and it also gives quite big clues as to the cultural differences and perspective that, even in another western country, can be quite different from your own.

It has been wonderful to see how the world has rallied and sent help. We have rescue workers in the city from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, USA, England, and so many other places. It really is nice to know that in a crisis other countries are thinking of you and wanting to do all they can to help.

Here are some of the world headlines three days after the event . . .

'A Brick by Brick Search' Sydney Morning Herald

'Outlook is Grim in Hunt for Survivors of New Zealand Quake' New York Times

'Two Britons Among 98 Killed in Christchurch Quake' The Times (London)

'Frantic Hunt as NZ Quake Leaves 400 Dead, Missing' Mail & Guardian Online (South Africa) This was a really well-written article.

'Rescuers Brave Aftershocks to Find Survivors' The Scotsman (Scotland)

'New Zealanders Dazed and Exhausted By Second Big Quake' Chicago Tribune
I found this same article in the LA Times as well. I have to admit I did do a bit of a chuckle at the style of writing. It's the sort of style my Fifth Form English teacher would have marked, "too over-descriptive, and too many similies".  Here's a sample:

"Look at that place," said Straight, wearing a sweat-stained bush hat, his white beard in the shape of a locomotive cowcatcher."
The writer said that a house was 'cocked to one side like it was throwing a hip check'.

Interesting stuff. And while some articles were headlines, and some were buried way into the depths of the paper, it's great to see that the world knows of our plight and is thinking of us.


Cate said...

It is truly wonderful how the world-wide community is stepping up and providing moral and physical assistance.

Robyn Jordan said...

Our hearts ache with you Rachel. Have felt like I wanted to get on a plane to CHCh to try and help somewhere,especially to give josh a big cuddle. I know everyone is talking about it and making people think about life in general so just pray will use this saddness to draw many to His loving arms. I am sure you are just so thankful to be all together and have each other after what has happened.Makes us wake up to what is important doesn't it. Big hug and much love Rachel,am enjoying your blog, I am setting one up as well so can share our projects maybe and kelsie has one up and going . It is and this one is about her horses so the kids may enjoy it. God bless and enjoy those extra coffees and cuddles with Robin while he is off work :)

Robyn Jordan said...

sorry blog was

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