Catching the School Bus

Friday, February 18, 2011
I am having lots of fun. I should say, my boys are having lots of fun and it has to do with this . . .

That's what I love about boys - getting excited over things with wheels. They even had me excited about it!
Both the boys caught the bus this morning to school. I gave Hugh strict instructions to make sure he took Theodore to his classroom when they arrived.

Then I had the thought that maybe I should run down to the school at 3 o'clock and make sure that Theodore gets on the right bus to come home. There are two buses. One comes our way. The other goes in the opposite direction. I just knew that he would be so keen to get on the bus for a ride that he'd jump on the first one he reached.

I waited outside his classroom for the bell to ring. He saw me as he came out onto the steps.
"Mum . . . I'm catching the bus." And he took off running!

We caught up to him and found his big brother and heard from his teacher that you have to go and get signed off first and then find Bus #2. As soon as the duty teacher for the bus ticked his name, Theodore was off.
I followed and saw his happy little face in amongst all the other sea of faces peering out of the bus windows.

The girls and I raced home, grabbed the buggy and the camera and walked to the end of out lane, which took about 8 minutes of fast walking to meet them. It was hot, and we were tired and sweaty. Doing that twice a day might actually be better than Zumba!

We only had to wait a couple of minutes until we saw the bus arriving, and the last two boys getting off. Thankfully, it was the right two boys. Hugh told me later that he was worried the whole entire way home, because at each stop, Theodore kept trying to get off! Oh boy! I'm glad he was sitting at the front to keep his little brother on the bus. Might have to talk about a few bus rules, me thinks!


liz said...

I still remember missing my stop in the dark on the school bus! I was terrified! So pleased to hear the boys are getting on well. How is your day now? I bet its quiet.
I have to admit, having five children at home all day every day is jolly hard work, and is sometimes the reason for giving schooling a thought. It must be nice for you to have a good school that is an option for you. All the school round here are terrible!! I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you.

Cottage Tails said...


Your a good mum to go check & then even let them still catch the bus.

Love Leanne XXX

Heather L. said...

That is just so great!!!

Cate said...

Haha - how exciting :-)

Next it will be first drive of the car!!

Anonymous said...

That makes me giggle Rachel, boys are sooo different to girls, my two girls have been back at school in Tassie for 2 weeks and all I get each day is "Ohhh not the bus Mum", little Rachel, my prep girl who is full of herself being full-time school now, boy was she a tired, bedraggled little girl getting of the bus yesterday.

Love Cousin Leesa xxx

Sandy Addison said...

This makes me laugh nice to see that they are eager to go to school. But after this week I am so glad we do not catch a bus to school as we would never catch it as we are always running late.

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