What To Do If You Eat The Advent Calendar Chocolate!

Monday, December 13, 2010
I want to get into a bathing suit this summer. So I am trying hard not to buy advent calendars for the children. They're just too much temptation!

So I made this little calendar for our house. It doesn't cost much - just a bit of ribbon, wooden pegs and pretty scrapbooking card and a sharpie (I love sharpies).

I love that red and white candy striped ribbon/twine now available at sewing shops. I use it for so much - it's great for wrapping around gifts too.

This advent calendar spells out "We wish you a Merry Christmas." That's 24 letters, in case you didn't notice. On one side write the letters, on the other the number. So each day we turn one card over and there's a new letter. Good spelling practice too, if you homeschool - except they guessed it on day 3. Oh well!

Day 13 people!
11 days to go!


How are your Christmas plans coming along?


Cate said...

Oh - loving this Rachel! Good luck with the bathing suit - I've kind of given up (hangs head in shame...)

Ann said...

Brilliant!! I knew I wasn't smart enough to home school my kids - I never would have thought of this... and yes I am the mum eating the advent chocolates faster than I can fill the pockets.. New plan next year.A x

Anonymous said...


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