Really Fun Cookies

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
I promised the children a day of Christmas cookie baking today. I did question that rash decision when the juice ended up all over the floor and a little boy cracked an egg over the drawers and floor and the shell went into the bowl. But the end result has been worth the effort.

I do suggest making the cookies yourself, and letting the kids decorate - they like that part the best anyway (as well as licking the bowl).

I got the recipe from dear ole Pioneer Woman.
But here are a few suggestions for us non-Americans.

* 2 sticks of butter = 226gms butter
* For the crushed peppermint candy I used one box of these - readily available at the grocery store or the Warehouse.

* And it really helps to have one of these to keep the chocolate warm while dipping.

* Also - a little side note: We are really, really  sick of the wind here in Canterbury.

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Julze said...

I have been making gingerbread people...and when they kept losing their arms and legs LOL..I cut out stars. :-)

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