Should Girls Skin Rabbits?

Sunday, October 17, 2010
September 15, 1892

"Dear Dot,
We are 3 girls and we are sending you 6s to send to the Barnado Homes.
We each send 2s.
We made the money by selling our rabbitskins to a rabbiter who is living here just now. He gave us a penny for a rabbit and twopence if we skinned it and gave him the skin. Dear Dot, do you think it proper for girls to go picking up rabbits if they want the money for a good cause, and have no other way of getting it?
Nearly all the rabbits we got were poisoned ones.
We live near the seaside. It is very pretty here in the summer time, and many people come to spend their holidays.
Please, Dot, would you give us a name for a black pup. Good-bye, Dot.
Yours truly,

Janet, Annie and Mary"

Another Dear Dot letter taken from the Otago Witness newspaper column, Our Little Folks. I discovered these gorgeous little letters while doing some family history research and found some written by my own Great greats.
This little letter appealed to me, not only because it is so quaint when read over 100 years later, but because my own grandfather used to tell me stories of how he made a little money here and there catching and skinning rabbits for the itinerant rabbiters.


Anonymous said...

How gorgeous!

Raewyn said...

I really do hope it is proper cuz my girls skin possums!! Shanni is saving for a new camera and is trapping and plucking possum fur to get one. She is half way there now :-)

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