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Friday, October 1, 2010
I took an unexpected blogging hiatus this last week or so. And it's like being away from a good friend.
The school holidays are usually quiet for us, but I've noticed this year that it just gets busier and busier as the children get older. I have hardly been at home this first week of the holidays because of all the things that the children have wanted to do, or are involved in.

However, today we put aside thoughts of visiting the library (in spite of overdue dvd's), and just stayed home, and I'm so glad we did. It has been a beautiful day here in Canterbury. Warm and sunny, and for the most part - wind-free. I threw open all the doors, and all the windows and decided to turn my hand to a bit of spring-cleaning.

I changed and made 6 beds today. Usually I spread it out over the week, but as I've hardly been home this week I was all out of my routine.

I have also cleaned four toilets, 2 showers, and scrubbed and scrubbed the toothpaste off the mirrors and basins in the children's bathrooms. How it gets there, I do not know.
Well, yes actually, I do. And I'm quite sure that any parent of small children knows exactly what I'm talking about.

I've vacuumed, and mopped and aired and ironed and now I am tired, but feeling good that a good deal of the house is clean and smelling fresh and vinegary. (I use alot of white vinegar to clean my glass shower doors).

The children have had a lovely day playing out in the sunshine, building wooden helicopters, painting it, and playing hockey. In spite of the hard work, it has been a lovely day - it's so nice to be enjoying warm weather and sunshine again.

I love my new chicken run - it keeps the poop off the decks. Plus, it's pleasant hanging out washing listening to their clucking and chattering.

Don't you just love it when the weather cooperates and you can open up all the doors and windows.

Making wooden toys and hockey sticks in the sunshine.

I bet there's a lot of people up there on that mountain skiing today. What a blessing to have such a view from my back yard.


Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Phew! Well done and what a lovely post. I do' love the photo of the sheets airing with the chooks running around; I can almost smell the freshness! Loving your view of the mountains too! Oh wow!

Clara said...

What a beautiful view!! This sounds like the kind of day I love - the kind of day where you feel completely exhausted but very happy and satisfied by the end of it all! And I *love* that clean fresh feeling and the spring weather. Your day sounds just wonderful!!!

Leanne said...

changing 6 beds wow - super woman.

Nice for a fine day - for your washing.

I too find school holidays busier than the routine of home school days. Wait till they are teens - I've found I am needed more - more as the taxi GRIN.

Love Leanne

momentsofwhimsy said...

Oh I'm with Leanne - just wait ;-)

Mind you, I'm now through that period and am the one left at home when they take the car....*sigh*

What a stunning view that you have!

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