Comfort Food

Saturday, September 11, 2010
I'm sure I'm not the only one in Christchurch baking comfort food these days.

But a little confession is that I actually checked this book out of the library before the earthquake.

And yet another confession that I've so far made three cakes from it.

Chocolate Cakes by Elinor Klivans is a feast for the eye and a feast for the shaken soul.

I made this Zebra Cake for Father's Day. It's a slightly smaller than average cake, and with my crew it lastest probably a total of 1 minute!

When we had company over for dinner and to stay the night in our undamaged house this week, I made this Spicy Cranberry and White Chocolate Cake for desert. It is beautiful. It is a keeper.

And yesterday I made this cake... just because. Mocha Whipped Cream Truffle cake. It has four layers sandwiched with chocolate ganache and coffee cream.

It doesn't matter that not many of us have had much of an appetite this week. Just knowing  that there is chocolate cake in the fridge is comforting.

I would really like to try making this cake - Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse Cake.

Only you need Peanut Butter cups to make it, and we don't have Peanut Butter cups readily available in New Zealand (I know - feel very sorry for us). There is a little shop on Manchester Street that sells them , but you'll forgive me if I'm not going anywhere near the city centre just now.

Anyway, I've just had a piece of the above mentioned Mocha Whipped Cream Truffle cake for my morning tea, and now I don't want to see another piece of chocolate again in my life. Ever.


call*me*kate said...

Give it time ... you WILL want chocolate again!

Just kidding. It does look very rich. All of your cakes look lovely - nicely done! I'm not much of a cake baker and I admire others' ability and creativity. Art that feeds the family - what a great combination.

I know what that roar sounds like. When I was 24, an earthquake woke me up in the middle of the night and I seriously thought a diesel truck or a freight train was roaring toward my bedroom (when I lived in Long Beach, California). I'll never forget it. With time, you'll calm down and the planes overhead will just be planes but I'm sorry for how they make you feel right now. I'll keep praying for you and your family.

Take care - Kate

Sandy Addison said...

Could you just use peanut butter and put a wee bit more chocolate in?

Clara said...

wow, they look WONDERFUL!! :) Comfort food can be... a real... comfort!!

Anonymous said...

Oh - the cakes look delicious!

And I noticed Reece's Cups appearing in some Auckland dairies about a year ago. You'll need to stock up when here again :-)

Hang in there xx

Heather L. said...

Wow oh wow!!! I' think I'll order this from the library.

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Oh me oh my! I am in such admiration of your amazing skills! These cakes look so professional - I'm sure if I tried they'd come out of the oven flat :( I feel very hungry looking at them and think something rich for morning tea is now called for! Comfort food is all good :) x

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