Poor Mummy

Friday, July 23, 2010
Yesterday was busy. We had to rush out the door at 11am and we wouldn't be back until the end of the day. At 10.45 am I suddenly realised that I'd forgotten about lunch for the children. I usually give it to them early on this day, as they have an art class at midday.
I needed a quick idea that wouldn't make us late for class.
Burger King.
Which I happen to hate. But it's on the way.

After they were settled with their portable lunches in the car, and we began the second half of our 45 minute car trip there was a lull in the conversation. I started to tell them how when I was little growing up in Blenheim we only had a KFC takeaway store. No Macdonalds. No Burger King. No Subway. Just KFC.
And that it was such a huge treat that we would generally only have it once a year. Once. A. Year. You kids don't know how lucky you are!
Hugh's mouth dropped open.
"Only once a year?"

Meredith said, "I know we are lucky."

There was not a sound from Teddy.

We drove along. It was quiet again. Then a couple of minutes later a little voice from the back says,
"Poor Mummy."


Leanne said...


We had no takeaway except fish n chips. i loved getting my parcel & we walked home a long way carrying grocery shopping as no car - how my mum did it?

Clara said...

Even though we had a lot available (I grew up in Sydney!), we were too poor to be able to buy food out more than about once a year! Kids have NO idea these days of what it used to be like. I hope to show my children shows like The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie as they grow, so they can visually SEE just how fortunate and blessed they are! (Or are they - is take away food a blessing or not???!!)

Anonymous said...

Too. Cute.

And I remember Burger King (aka "Hungry Jacks in Western Australia) being a very rare birthday treat.

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