A Day Like This...

Thursday, June 24, 2010
So often, I think, we mother's send ourselves on a little guilt trip if we are not running all day long, looking after our children, tending to the house, taking care of errands and little jobs and visits, cooking up fabulous meals and keeping the place neat and tidy and dust free.
I know that I certainly feel like that most days. Once my feet hit the floor in the morning, it's pretty much non-stop until the kids go to bed at night. Then I collapse on the couch and get a couple of hours of relaxation before sleepiness sets in.

I know that at any one time, if I actually sit down and take half an hour to enjoy a cup of coffee quietly, that there is a list waiting of other things I could be doing, like sorting out the children's wardrobe's, or tidying up the bookcase, or clearing the ever-growing pile on my sideboard.

So on Tuesday I decided that I was going to have a guilt-free day. It was raining outside. The children were quiet and happily employed. I had a growing pile of ironing, and the bathrooms really needed cleaning, but I ignored it and set myself to enjoy a quiet day at home, enjoy the rain and enjoy the children. It was a rare day as I didn't have to go out anywhere. The end of term is approaching and things are winding down, and the weather put paid to any sporting events, and best of all, Robin volunteered to get pizza for dinner on his way home.

So I bought and downloaded a knitting pattern from here, set myself up on a comfy chair, listened to the children read, watched a movie, and later play Cranium with the kids.

It was  a lovely, lovely day. One out of the box. I really enjoyed it - not having too many 'jobs' to do - the essential ones were all done by 9.30am, and the children also seemed to enjoy a more relaxed pace.
And I finished the hat for Alice and I think she does look ever so fetching in it.

Days like these don't come along very often, so it was great to be able to make the most of it and enjoy every minute.


Clara said...

I know exactly what you mean! I feel SO guilty when I take time off to do something *I* want to do! It's a good thing we have a conscience like that though or we would be one of those women who couldn't care less what was happening around her! Such a conscience is a blessing indeed... but it is fun to take time off, and your day sounds wonderful! :)

Heather L. said...

What a WONDERFUL day!!! I think we should have one of those here. :) The hat is adorable!!! Can't wait to knit something like that for Laura. I'm working on a sweet little cardigan for her now, but of course temps are 95F so today she was at the poolside in diaper only.

Brenda @ Natural Star said...

Sounds like a dream day was had. You did a WONDERFUL job with the hat, Alice certainly does look fetching in her new hat :)

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