Saturday Morning Ritual

Saturday, May 15, 2010
My girl, Meredith, has started playing netball this year. It was my turn to take her into town this morning.

I'll repeat that. 7.30am. On a Saturday!

And it was hard to find a park.

But it was fun!

Standing on the sidelines listening to the parents cheering, shouting advice, clapping. Laughing (discretely) when one little girl caught the ball and took off running across the court.

 They're only 8.

Meredith loves her team, and she plays with her best friend. But she's not too impressed with her team colours. They're green and yellow. (Hey! isn't that the Australian colours)? Green and yellow is not pretty together (according to her). It had much better be pink or purple.

Here's Meredith having just tossed the ball to another player.

Shooting for the goal. I love the position of her hands.

Not sure if she's throwing or catching here.

Towards the end of the game, most of the play was down the other side of the court (yes, the other team won), so these two got a bit bored.

So they started talking.

And ended up playing their own game.


Clara said...

Yes - green and yellow are the Aussie colours. Good on you for getting up so early to take her to netball - I couldn't do it!! It looks like it might have been somewhat cold!! :)

momentsofwhimsy said...

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!


How cute - love the pic of the girls chatting away together :-)

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